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Canopus Spectra 2500 - Part 6

Incoming Screenshots
You want 32-bit true colour? Here's Incoming running at your dreamed resolution. Everything was crisp and beautifully rendered.

After vigorously testing and using the Canopus Spectra 2500 as my daily video card for a week, I felt that I had deprive Michael of his happiness long enough and ought to return it already.  :P

It wasn't so much a tearful farewell, but I can already feel the diminished power in my system (I'm getting better at exaggerating!) the moment I pulled it out of the AGP slot!

Speed :
The Spectra stood well in all the tests I field it in. In the OpenGL tests using Quake 2, it was scoring close to the Voodoo2 at 640 X 480, but it gracefully rose to the occasion as we upped the resolution to 800 X 600. Beyond that, the single V2 could not participate...

When using Forsaken as the Direct3D benchmark tests, the Spectra 2500 has absolutely no match at all. It holds the D3D throne with a mind blowing framerate of 135.18 fps.

Stability :
Experimenting with all the clock rates, I had found that the 120/105mhz setting was the best and most reliable. Using this clock setting, the card completed all the tests beautifully and competently.

However, for most users, I wouldn't recommend overclocking the Spectra's default 112/95mhz clock. The Spectra already runs everything beautifully without overclocking. The excess heat and the added instability will not be worth it.

Who is it for ???
This must be the most exciting board since the debut of the V2. In fact, this IS THE MOST EXCITING TNT board that will be hitting town soon!

Expected to debut at a price point of S$350 - S$375, its rich feature set and explosive performance is going to give the competition a run for their money.

But the question still lingers... who is it for exactly?

Well, GLIDE games are still in abundance and GLIDE continues to be the choiced API for many game developers. So if you're very into gaming, you WILL still want a Voodoo 2 card to stick around in your PC. Otherwise, you must pray very hard that D3D will quickly establish itself in all game segments now that DirectX6 is released.

I think Canopus understands that the Voodoo2 still has lots of shelf life left and will remain as the gamer's favourite 3D card. So aside from telling people what everyone already knew the Spectra to be - the BEST 2D/3D solution you can find - they are once again positioning it as the ultimate companion for the V2 (something which the WitchDoctor was a test bed for).

Coupled with a reverse passthrough and a direct-path connector, Canopus wants to attract the hardcore gamers who can't get enough of their Voodoo2 boards. The Spectra gives them a reason to lust for a 21" display with its max resolution of 1920 X 1440 and the promise of unparalleled screen clarity using WitchDoctor technology. Finally, it'll bring to everyone the opportunity of big screen gaming for ALL games.... D3D and GLIDE inclusive.

If you think you can picture yourself as one of these chaps, the Spectra has found its master.


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Special Thanks to Mr Michael Tan of Convergent Systems
for the provision of the Canopus Spectra 2500.