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By Wy Mun
Hardware One

Cooling the Overclocked GeForce: Enter “The Card Cooler”

A “Cool” Proposition
During my earlier reviews of the Creative GeForce (DDR & SDR versions), it was apparent that Nvidia’s intricately designed GeForce chip (with its limited heatsink/fan combo mounted) runs extremely hot.

Despite having achieved decent stability at an overclocked core/mem of 145/355 for the DDR version (partly due to several pre-installed fans in my casing), I was keen to explore if the chip could be pushed further beyond its current overclocking boundaries through additional cooling. Besides, I guess it’s only natural for overclockers like me to be duly concerned with significant increases in heat generation, especially if derived from just one source (naïve as it may sound). More cooling is invariably needed to render greater stability and prevent overclocked “chip fatigue” in the near future. 

However, being a precautious individual, I just didn’t feel comfortable prying off / replacing the default heatsink + fan, and risk damaging my S$480 card.  Hence, I started my quest for alternative coolers… 

Incidentally, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an offer from The Card Cooler company to sample and review their uniquely designed - The Card Cooler (TCC), in conjunction with the GeForce. Now, this seemed like a possible cooling + overclocking solution. In addition, being a typical “FAN-atic” myself, I obviously couldn’t pass up on this offer, to satiate the “inane” overclocker in me… ;P

Don’t be deceived by its simplistic design

Hmmph… Ain’t cooling cards all alike?
What makes this one so special?

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