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A Cooler Design
From the pictures below, it is pretty obvious that The Card Cooler represents a simple, yet different design from regular slot coolers. Whilst other contending slot coolers take up at least an additional PCI slot, The Card Cooler mounts on top of your existing PCI / AGP cards and takes up none! One simply needs to screw on The Card Cooler bracket atop your AGP / PCI slots via the same screws used for your existing AGP / PCI cards.

Now why didn’t anybody think of this sooner? And I don’t mean the penguins…

Assuming this cooler is generally used for cooling graphics cards, The Card Cooler would rest on top and between the AGP slot & PCI Slot #3, spanning a total of 4 slots. It blows air downwards to cool the various cards / components below via two 3” 2.0W chassis-sized fans. I was also surprised to note how quiet the fans are, as compared to my other powerful (but noisy) Elan Vital and Cooltium chassis fans. This could be attributed to its lower RPM spin-rate in comparison, although it is more than capable of moving a sizeable amount of air at a decent rate for cooling.

Look Ma, no slots taken!!
Make sure you screw in tight, as this guy’s pretty heavy.

But does it make my 50 deg C graphics chip any cooler??

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