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A Cool Solution
So, do I deem The Card Cooler a worthy purchase? Well, simple as its mechanism and design may appear, The Card Cooler works extremely well. Judging from the temperature drops implemented, it not only assists to stabilize an overclocked GeForce, but also inevitably aids to prolong chip life.

Granted that it doesn’t allow one to reach significantly faster clock speeds, but I was typically more concerned with managing my card temperatures at existing overclocked settings. This is especially applicable for GeForce users that don’t possess any existing fan setup (excluding the chassis fan) to implement cooling. So really, I find this cooler indispensable now, to reassure myself that I won’t actually burn a hole in my GeForce one day... 

However, I guess with another “fan addition” to my system (9 fans in total now!), that doesn’t bode too well for my already swamped 300W power supply. ;P


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