TennMax Coolers - Part 2

TennMax Stealth V2 Cooler
Like the name suggests, many of you would already know that this strikingly shaped cooler carved out like the B2 Stealth Bomber, was designed specifically for the 3Dfx Voodoo 2 card.

Examining the device, it is basically the same high-performance 6500 rpm fan as the LasagnaX but with a modified caging. The metal housing consisted the same cut out slits to allow for hot air to be blown out of the caging, and below is the uniquely shaped triangular base to specifically to cover the single Pixelfx and twin-Texelfx units effectively.

Test System
Asus P2B BX Motherboard
Intel Pentium II 333 o/c 412Mhz
Creative 3D Blaster Voodoo2 12Mb - World Cup Celebration Edition

The installation of the StealthV2 is not much dissimilar from that of the LasagnaX cooler at all, only a little trickier.

stealthv2-1.jpg (13840 bytes)

Yap, first clean the chips so that no dust particles come between the contact areas. This time you will need to position the thermal plate to cover all the 3 chips properly. I noticed that the fan wouldn't cling onto the chips flatly or firmly at first and I had to resort to applying a fair bit of pressure on the fan & card before it agreed to stick without visible air pockets.

Next was to plug in the card and connect the cables and power up the PC.

The StealthV2 at Work
Works like charm if I must say, because it was quiet and the breeze it generated was indeed remarkable. Nothin' much else to add. =)

The Creative 3D Blaster Voodoo 2 defaults to a low 80Mhz, but I could easily up it to 90Mhz and play all my games reliably with no lock ups or screen corruption. With the fan attached, 95Mhz wasn't a problem and games I tested like Quake II, Unreal, FIFA '99 and Need For Speed III all played fine.

For the 3DMark tests, whether using the StealthV2 or not could not bring me any higher than 100Mhz. The only difference was that at 100Mhz, there was much LESS screen corruption with the fan than not. Without the StealthV2, vertical streaks, cracks and seams appeared all over the screen as the benchmark demo plays.

Like the LasagnaX, the StealthV2 is a great performer that also performs silently. And not for anything else but the reliability and assurance for the continued working of your precious Voodoo2 card you should buy this fan.

Certainly, it can help you achieve a higher clock speed and squeeze that 2 frames/s more for you. But that for me is not enough to justify overclocking my card.

For US$24, it is quite steep for a cooling device of this sort. But for its high build quality, low profile, and high RPM performance, the dollars are not wasted. If you are the kind of paranoid like myself about cooling your PC, the TennMax fans are definitely "must buys"!

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Special Thanks to Mr Vincent Tzeng of TennMax
for the provision of the LasagnaX & StealthV2 Coolers