Acer TravelMate 330T Review - Page 10

The notebook served me well in the short span of two weeks, and battery life had been consistently over 2 hours on general use. I liked the fact that no corners were cut to produce this fine product. Armed with all the standard ports, 128Mb RAM, and a Pentium II 300Mhz  processor with integrated 256kb cache, all packed into its thin magnesium alloy casing. I almost had it all.

Coming with a 1 year International Warranty (very short compared to companies like Dell) and a streamlined design, the Acer TravelMate 330T has already won the Nikkei BYTE’s Best System and Best of Show awards, two of the most coveted honors at Computex’99 (the world’s 3rd-largest compter trade show) in its short debut.

"The first award from Nikkei BYTE was the Best System award granted to the TravelMate 330, Acer's internationally acclaimed ultra-slim and lightweight Mobile Pentium II notebook PC. Nikkei BYTE then presented Acer with the Best of Show award, again for the TravelMate 330.

The TravelMate 330 has consistently received top honors since its launch in April of this year. Nikkei BYTE recognized the TravelMate 330's extremely thin profile, super-light weight, and superior-strength construction. It also praised the 330's thermal and battery management."

Even under intense competition from many renowned manufacturers, the critics are bowed over. User satisfaction has been high and it is clear that the TravelMate 330T is as good, if not better, than most of the offerings today.

I leave you to make your decision.


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