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Utilities #2

A diagnostic tool known as PC Doctor is included allowing you to test specific components such as the memory and harddisk for problems. It can gather a wealth of details about the computer from which you can troubleshoot problems.

PC Doctor Diagnostic Tool

Synaptics Touchpad
The Synaptics Touchpad is complemented with a comprehensive set of tweak panels that allows for calibration as well as a whole range of tricks you can perform on the Touchpad.

Firstly, the eerie part as to how the Synaptics Touchpad work - It uses the natural electrical capacitance of the human finger to sense the movement and pressure you exert onto the pad. And no, I have not experienced electric shocks of any kind. You will be surprised that the mouse pointer cannot be moved if you use a stylus or pen on the touchpad.

The Synaptics Touchpad panel lets you allocate corners of the touchpad where tapping will trigger specific functions like maximize, minimize, access ‘menus’ or jump to the ‘Start’ button. There are also options to support side and vertical scrolling via the trackpad.

Another two pieces of 'frills-ware' are MoodPad and PressureGraph which react to the pressure and speed you use the Touchpad.


Pressure Graph


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