Acer TravelMate 330T Review - Page 9

Utilities #3

Puma Intellisync
This is about the most important utility included in the package. Your roadwarrior is not going to be immediately productive if you cannot easily synchronize important documents, files and contacts with your desktop PC.

Intellisync Agent

Intellisync Connection Setup Manager

Puma Intellisync allows you to sync documents, folders and do file transfers via infra-red, parallel or serial port. The tool also syncs with your PIMs, such as Lotus Organizer 97 and MS Outlook 97/98, for contacts, tasklist and notes.

Intellisync Synchronize

File Synchronization In Action

My test went on smoothly via parallel port cable; the only MAJOR gripe being that Intellisync does not sync emails at all. Otherwise, it interfaced very well even with Outlook 2000.

File Transfers are also very straightforward. Once both your desktop and notebook have the Intellisync File Transfer program opened, connection will be automatically established and everything else can be done with drag-&-drop simplicity.

Intellisync File Transfer With Drag-&-Drop Simplicity

Recovery CD
Also packed in within the CD are recovery tools to reset the notebook back to its pristine state. Just set in your BIOs to boot from the CD, boot up from the CD, type ‘Recovery’ and you are done! So the hassles of a Win98 reinstallation as well as putting back the pieces of drivers are greatly reduced.


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