Generic 4 Port USB Hub - Part 3

Included in the package is a brief "Quick Installation Guide" printed on a single side of an A4 sheet. I’m not complaining because there really isn’t a need for additional help. Besides, using Windows 98, installation of the USB hub couldn’t have been easier.

Basically the steps I took could be shortly described below:

  1. Unplug my HP Scanjet 4200C and Creative Webcam II from the mobo’s USB connectors
  2. Connect up the AC adapter to the USB Hub
  3. Connect the USB cable from the hub to my mobo
  4. Connect my scanner and webcam to the hub as well as my new Creative Cobra gamepad (Note that I already installed my scanner and webcam drivers prior to this)
  5. Power up the hub, my scanner and the PC
  6. Windows 98 detects the generic hub and I pointed it to the path of the Win98 CD.
  7. Another few mouse clicks and Windows 98 booted right up with no apparent problems.

devmanager1-big.gif (12121 bytes)
See the "Generic USB Hub" correctly installed

devmanager2-big.gif (12519 bytes)
The WebCam II, Scanjet 4200C and Cobra (HID-compliant controller)

Simple as can be. But it was time for some testing, and I found both my Cobra and Webcam working just fine. However, my scanner didn’t seem to scan at the touch of the button. Dammit I thought – trouble! So I restarted the PC again… and strangely everything worked this time. Whew!

Next I wanted to test if I could relief my overloaded wall socket of another plug. So I pulled the hub’s AC adapter to see if my devices could survive without it. Well, the scanner worked as per normal powered by its own adapter, but a blank white patch appeared when I started the Creative Webcam control. No video images were captured. Sure enough, merely connecting up the hub's adapter solved the problem.

The next part of the test was to use more than one device at once. It was simple and I successfully used the webcam while scanning a full colour photograph. There were no problems or noticeable lost in speed.

Installation Notes:

PC Configuration

  • Intel Pentium 333 at 412Mhz (4x103)
  • Asus P2B BX motherboard with v1008a BIOS
  • 128Mb LGS SDRAM
  • S3 Savage3D 8Mb AGP
  • Creative Labs 12Mb Voodoo 2 PCI
  • RealMagic Netstream I MPEG-1 card
  • Efficient Networks ENI-25P ATM card
  • Creative Soundblaster Live!
  • 40X Asus CDROM
  • 8.4Gb IBM Deskstar 8 HDD
  • 10.1Gb IBM Deskstar 16 HDD
  • Microsoft Intellimouse 2 (PS/2)
  • Microsoft Natural Keyboard (PS/2)
  • CH Products F-16 Combatstick (Gameport)

USB Devices

  • Creative Webcam II
  • Creative Cobra USB
  • HP Scanjet 4200C


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