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The Accompanying Wares
Well, if you’re hoping for some major games bundled that showcase the card’s prowess then I think you’ll be disappointed. The card does come with 2 games – Turok 2 and Extreme G XG2, but these aren’t optimized for T&L yet so I wasn’t compelled to install and test them.

Software bundles seem to be diminishing these days... Once again, pillow not included.

However, the bundle does include a CD with 3.48 Win85/98 & NT4 drivers, PDF manual, DX7 and the standard Nvidia demo-suite (still no Dagoth Mooth Zoological Gardens I’m afraid). The latest AGP GART driver has also been included to ensure compatibility with non-INTEL Motherboard chipsets. Special mention should go to the Nvidia demo-suite as these do show-off what the card is capable of. From the realistically alluring Wanda, to the real-time deformation / reflections of the Bubble demo, to the amazing reflection / refractions / ripple capabilities of the Wave demo, any consumer who may have doubted GeForce’s 3D power in the past, will be safely reassured after seeing these…

Bubble Demo
Wave Demo
Woah!! Can’t wait for some games of similar caliber to be developed. Now, did I mention Wanda was alluring??  

The 3.48 drivers bundled aren’t anything special with their applets identical to Nvidia’s reference drivers, except some control applets customized with an ASUS logo instead. Some screenshots have been included below for your reference:

I guess ASUS really went all the way to use reference material – including software…  

In addition, the box does state add-on options including ASUSDVD software player (DVD, VCD, SVCD, MP3 and Karaoke support + 2 channels of DD audio) and the ASUS VR-100 3D glasses. This may be a valid consideration for consumers to ensure full usability of these items owned in the past. In contrast, Creative’s GeForce does come bundled with a decent software DVD player already - WinDVD that actually allows 4.1 downmixing from an AC3 source onto an SBLive!

Software never really maketh the card anyway! 
Now, how many Ge’s can this thing pull off??!!

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