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‘Force’fully Yours…
Well, I have no qualms in recommending the ASUS V6600 to users. It performs as expected and delivers as promised. Moreover, if you do have any ASUS components (like VR100 glasses, TV-Tuners, etc) that you may wish to use in conjunction with the GeForce, then the V6600 becomes the obvious choice to ensure full compatibility.

The games bundled with both Creative and ASUS GeForce cards are nothing to shout about. But personally I feel Creative has the edge in terms of software, with WinDVD bundled together with the card that offers good software DVD playback. And if you’re into overclocking your GeForce (which may not necessarily be always possible with either brand), Creative seems to be the better bet. 

However, no particular card seems to be significantly better to strongly recommend over the other. Prices between the two cards are very competitive too. It's a personal choice in the end.

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