Abit VA6 VIA Apollo Pro 133 - Page 1

By Wilfred
Hardware One

VIA has been quietly but definitely improving on their chipsets to become a viable competitor to Intel. With the recent shortage of BX chipsets from the Santa Clara giant, and its deaf ear to support the PC133 SDRAM standard, VIA was sought after for its Apollo Pro 133 chipset.

Having solved the teething problems in the early Apollo Pro and Apollo Pro Plus, VIA now has a stable and mature platform that offers in addition to Ultra DMA 66 support, the ability to use the 133Mhz memory bus speed.

What is a better indication that VIA has come a long way, than the acceptance by key motherboard makers such as AOpen, Soyo and Abit?

Today, we take a look at this new member in Abit’s family of Intel compatible boards, the Abit VA6. Mysteriously enough, this member did not see a splash party introduction and it is not even mentioned on the company’s website – a clear sign of pressure faced by the manufacturers.

In any case, it is not my duty to dwell upon the politics of sales and corporate management. What you want to know is if this retail product is going into your system?

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