Abit VA6 VIA Apollo Pro 133 - Page 6

After days of use, I was comfortable with the board in the system and everything worked as it should have. Games like Unreal Tournament and Q3A performed with no unexpected glitches whatsoever and Windows applications worked just great.

Retailing at about S$168 in Singapore, this is one cheap board to own, coming with onboard audio and support for ATA/66, as well as PC133 SDRAM.

It is a pity that the VIA Apollo Pro 133 chipset is still unpolished in terms of delivering fast game performance, as both synthetic and real-world benchmarks show. Nevertheless, this is a viable alternative to the BX chipset and its stability and low price will be its selling point.

To end off, there are absolutely NO compelling reasons to get this if you are on a BX (which is plenty good!). Then, if you are in the market for a new board and have a suitable CPU that can possibly utilize the 133Mhz FSB, the VA6 is a safe bet.

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