Yamaha 4416 CD-RW - Part 1

By Kan
Hardware One

Well, many debate about the need to acquire a CDRW drive in the light of many other solutions available and forthcoming. In our last review of the Yamaha SCSI CRW4260t vs the IDE CRW4261t, we touched on the technology behind these drives and their mass market potential. Our stance remain that the CDRW media is very affordable for all storage and backup purposes.

As most new CDROM drives will be able to read CDR and CDRW discs, the exchange of media and transport of large files will be very easy. There will be little compatibility issues and portability will be the great selling point for this established standard.

You will not have to worry if your multimedia presentation can’t be ran on a client’s PC as long as he is equipped with an adequately new CDROM drive. Not forgetting consumer electronics, you can create and save your edited home video onto the CDR disc and play them on your home VCD player.

With the 650Mb recordable media only costing about 2 cents per megabyte and rewritable discs at 40 cents per megabyte, it makes sense to own one.

Yamaha CRW4416S
I had received the Yamaha CRW4416S drive somewhat unexpectedly. I had not even noticed that the drive was retailing all over at Sim Lim Square for S$649 even before its debut in the US (expected to be during Comdex, 16-20 Nov 98).

This is the latest and speediest of Yamaha’s excellent range of CDRW drives, a 16X Read/ 4X Write/ 4X ReWrite drive.

Its superior design allows the drive to achieve a very good read speed of 16X not found on many CDRW drives today. If you are not picky, this speed should be adequate for use as your default CDROM reader. In any case, the best thing about the drive is its 4X ReWrite ability which would be the fastest few today.


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Special Thanks to Mr Michael Tan of Convergent Systems
for the provision of the Yamaha CD-RW