Yamaha 4416 CD-RW - Part 2


  • 4X Writer, 4X Rewriter, 16X Reader
  • SCSI-2 Interface
  • 2 Megabyte Buffer
  • Supports All Formats of
    • CDROM
    • CD Audio
    • PhotoCD
    • Multimedia CD
  • Orange Book Part 2 & 3 compatibility 5-mode recording.
    • The CRW4416S conforms to the five recording modes outlined in the Orange Book Part 2 & 3: Track at Once, Multisession, Disc at Once, Session at Once and Packet Writing

System Requirement

  • Pentium 100Mhz or higher for 4X Writing, 486 100Mhz or higher for 2X Writing
  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 or higher
  • SCSI card - (Recommended: AHA-2940 PCI, AHA-284X VL, AHA-2740 EISA, AHA-154X ISA)

Packaging & Contents
The drive came in a neat blue package with cables, drive, manual and Adaptec Easy CD Creator. The drive looked just like the old drives with a sturdy and clean design. However, a careful examination of the drive revealed the implementation of a cooler fan encaged behind. Michael has explained that this would add to the reliability of the drive.

- Drive Contents
- Encaged fan cooler
- Freakin' New Drive
- Thick and detailed manual

The included manual was a thick and detailed booklet that'll adequately explain the installation process of your new internal SCSI device, jumpers and all. Not much of a problem here, I didn't even have to refer to it when I installed the drive.


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Special Thanks to Mr Michael Tan of Convergent Systems
for the provision of the Yamaha CD-RW