Yamaha 4416 CD-RW - Part 4

The below results were tested using WinBench 98. The score was obtained from the average of three tests. Check the figures:

Test Bed - Hardware
Motherboard ABit BH6
Processor Celeron 300A o/c to 450 MHz
Memory 128MB PC100 SDRAM DIMM
Boot Drive Seagate Cheetah 9.1G SCSI
Video Card Matrox Millennium PCI 4MB, Bios 3.00
Test Bed - Operating System Configuration
Operating System Windows NT 4.0
File System NTFS
Patches Applied Service Pack 4

Earlier on, I've explained that the reflectivity of CD-R media are generally lower. Most of us including myself, believe that due to the lower reflectivity, accessing a CD-R media will be slower than accessing a factory-pressed CD. I did a benchmark on CD-R media vs factory-pressed CD and I was surprised that the results are almost identical.

Ziff Davis CD WinBench 99 - CRW6416S vs CRW4416S 
  CRW6416S (SCSI) CRW4416S (SCSI)
CD-ROM WinMark 98 ???? 793
CD-ROM Transfer Rate  
Inside 1590 KB/sec 1590 KB/sec
Outside 2570 KB/sec 2570 KB/sec
CD-ROM/Access Time

157 ms

156 ms

CD-ROM/CPU Utilization 0.661% 0.664%

Transfer Rate

1201 KB/sec 1201 KB/sec

Improvements over 4260
Even though the two drives are nearly identical, the 4416S have quite a lot of improvement over the Yamaha 4260 4X Write/2X ReWrite/6X Read drive. One of the major improvement is the Burst Transfer Rate. This had been improved from a previous 3.4 MB/s asynchronous Read to 5.0 MB/s asynchronous read, 4.2 MB/s asynchronous record to 8.0 MB/s asynchronous record.

Another improvement is the data buffer size. The older drive spots a 2 MB, 500 sectors buffer while the 4416 has a 2 MB, 666 sectors buffer size. Access speed has been improved tremendously. The previous drive has a access time of 250 ms while the 4416 has a access time of 160 ms.

Reliability and Conclusion
After burning a couple of discs using the Adaptec Easy CD Creator, I was convinced that the drive was just as reliable as the past 2 Yamaha CD-RW drives we reviewed. Recording speeds on CDR media was very similar to the CRW4260t SCSI drive and we managed a 632Mb recording in 19 minutes and 14 seconds. Not bad!

While we did not test the much touted 4X rewrite capability of the drive, you can be certain that this drive will perform to your expectations in this area, matching if not beating all the other drives in the market today.

I'll conclude to say that this is yet another excellent drive from Yamaha. This drive is retailing for $649 and is available from many outlets at Sim Lim Square. A very affordable price tag for a class leading performer!


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Special Thanks to Mr Michael Tan of Convergent Systems
for the provision of the Yamaha CD-RW