Yamaha 6416 CD-RW - Part 1

By Kan
Hardware One

Yamaha announced to the world on 11th May 1999 on their latest CD-RW drive, the Yamaha 6416. The 6416 is an improved model based on the extremely successful 4206 as well as the 4416 predecessors. The high performance 6416 is an ideal storage device, providing faster backup and random-access rewrite. Its 6X write, 4X rewrite and 16X transfer rates make it competitive with other high-capacity removable storage devices. 

The drive also offers RapidLinked(TM) packet writing, allowing users to add files to a CD one at a time, with the drag-and-drop ease of a floppy disk. Because of its standard command set, the new drive works seamlessly with all major CD-RW software. The drive uses affordable, widely available CD-R media for recording at 6X and the increasingly popular 4X certified CD-RW media for rewriting at 4X.

According to Dataquest, six million external CD-RW drives were shipped last year. Now it is a good time to get a CD-RW drive. With plummeting prices of the drives as well as CD-R media, you can have access to a cheap and popular media to store your files. CD-ROM are so popular that there will be little compatibility issues. Portability will be the greatest selling point for this established standard. Our stance remain that the CD-RW media is very affordable for all storage and backup purposes.

Want to make your own CD compilations of your favorite Beatles CD? Just burn a copy for yourself and play it on your car CD player. Want to backup your files daily? Just "drag and drop" the files into your CD-RW.  Need to do a multimedia presentation over at your client's office, but can't fit your presentation onto a ZIP disk? Don't worry. Just burn a copy and as long as your client's PC is equipped with a CD-ROM drive (who does not have one?), you are set to go. It's so simple and dummy proof that everyone will be comfortable using a CD-RW nowadays.

A typical CD-R media can hold 650 MB of data or 74 minutes of audio. Currently, CD-R media retail for less than US$1. CD-RW media which let users erase and re-record data sell for under US$15 and they will dip below US$10 by year end. It just make great sense to own a CD-RW!

Yamaha CRW6416S
The model I tested was the SCSI version of the 6416. The drive should be retailing in the market around end of June/July. 6X write is a sweet pleasure to me who is used to the 4X write of my 4416S. A full 650 MB typically clock under 13 minutes compare to 18 minutes for a 4X write.

Its superior design allows the drive to achieve a very good read speed of 16X not found on many CD-RW drives today. If you are not picky, this speed should be adequate for use as your default CDROM reader. In any case, the best thing about the drive is its 6X write ability which would be one of the fastest in the market.

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Special thanks to Convergent Systems
 for the provision of the Yamaha CD-RW