Yamaha 6416 CD-RW - Part 6


Item Specifications
Interface SCSI-2
Media CDR - Orange Book Part II
CD-RW - Orange Book Part III
Data Capacity 650MB(74min disc)
550MB(63min disc)
Record/Read Speed Writing (CD-RW):
2X speed, 4x speed (when 4X compatible discs are used)
Writing (CD-R):
1X speed (real-time), 2x speed, 4x speed, 6x speed
Playback: 9 - 16X speed [Max] (partial CAV)

Read CD-DA, Video CD:
6X speed [Max], CD-DA output is 1X speed playback only

Finalized Disc:
CD-R: 16X speed [Max] (packet writing is 10X speed [Max
Data Transfer Rate 16xS: 2400KB/sec
6xS: 900KB/sec
4xS: 600KB/sec
2xS: 300KB/sec
1xS: 150KB/sec
Burst Transfer Rate 8.0MB/sec (record asynchronous, Max)
5.0MB/sec (read asynchronous, Max)
Data Buffer Size 2MB (666 sectors, Non-Upgradeable)
Access Speed 160ms (Random, 16x Reading)
Installation Angle Horizontal <15
Loading Tray
Audio Out
(Normal Speed)
Frequency range: 20~20,000Hz (Line Out)
Output Level 1Vrms (Line Out)
Power Consumption (External) 16W max (read/write)
(Internal) 11W max (read/write)
Power Supply (External)100 - 240V, 0.3A
(Internal)5V:2.0A max (5%), 12V:2.2A max (10%)
Operating Environment Temperature: +5C ~ +40C (read/write),
Humidity: 25 ~ 80% RH
MTBF (To be posted at a later date, undetermined at this time)
Dimensions (External)170 x 68 x 327mm
Dimensions (Internal)146 x 41.3 x 203mm
Weight (External)2.60kg
Weight (Internal) 0.95kg
(Internal Only)  
SCSI-2/Power Supply Non-shielded two-in-one, 50p + 4p
ID Selector Short-pin 12p
Audio Out MOLEX 53532-04
Writing Methods Disc-At-Once;Session-At-Once;Track-At-Once;Packet Writing (Variable & Fixed); Multisession
Supported Format CD-DA; CD-ROM; CD-ROM XA; CD-I; CD-Bridge; Video CD,CD-Extra, CD+G

Packaging & Contents
The drive was an evaluation unit and there was no proper packaging with it nor does it include any SCSI cables/audio cable. However, Adaptec EasyCD Creator/DirectCD and manuals are included in a small package.

Yamaha 6416 with manuals for DirectCD/EasyCD Creator

Installation & Test Environment
Installation was straightforward for me. I just need to set the SCSI ID jumpers, connect the data/audio/power cables and I'm all set.

Porn/Pirated factory in action

Windows detected the new drive flawlessly!

Firmware of the 6416 shown (v1.0b)

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