Yamaha 6416 CD-RW - Part 8

Included with the drive is Adaptec EasyCD Creator v3.5 as well as DirectCD v2.5. CD Copier is easy to use and almost dummy proof. Just pop in your master disc in your normal CD-ROM, a blank CD-R into your CD-RW and just click on COPY and you are ready to burn!

Adaptec CD Copier

The EasyCD Creator allows you to drag and drop files that you want to copy into the Data CD Layout. From there, you can modify the directory structure of your new CD, how you want the files to be arranged etc. After that, just click COPY and the files will be burned into the CD-R. It also has a intuitive interface which allows you to "drag and drop" WAV files into the template to create Audio CDs which can be play on any CD players.

Adaptec EasyCD Creator

So, what is DirectCD? Well, DirectCD is a software which allows you to treat your CD-RW disc just like a disk drive. You can just copy/delete files freely once DirectCD is loaded into the memory. 

From the picture below, you can clearly see the amount of disk space left on a CD-RW disc as well as other settings. Why is the capacity of a CD-RW only 529 MB instead of 650 MB ? Well, a CD-RW operates differently from a CD-R, and a whopping 120 MB is needed for the "FAT" table. This pretty explains for the smaller available disk space left on a CD-RW disc after formatting.

DirectCD showing the amount of disk space left

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